Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recyling an Old Drapery Panel . . . .

Did you every have a pair of draperies that you grew tired of, took down, but hated to part with? Well, that's what happened with this pair. I loved the color, (actually a little more blue-green than my camera shows,) but wanted to change the style of window coverings. So I packed them away, and just couldn't discard them. They are a nice washable, polyester fabric, looking very much like slubbed silk. Too good to just toss.

Well, everything old is new again, right? This color is now very hot, so I decided to make some new throw pillows for my couch. Checked through all of my embroidery designs, and came up with this one, from Anita Goodesigns. It's perfect.

Still in my embroidery hoop, I have a couple of smaller designs to add to fill it out. When that's finished, I'll show you my progress on putting it all together.

Wish me luck - it's been awhile since I've made pillows with cording!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

She's really sassy! . . . .

She's a cutie!! I've been having fun embroidering guest towels for Christmas. Actually, I've done about 50 of them so far. Some for Etsy and some for gift giving myself. They're always nice to have for those last minute little "oops I forgot" gifts.

I think her attitude perfectly depicts how we all feel during those bustling days during the Christmas Season. But heck, they really are fun, and the joy of giving always makes up for it in the end.

I've been in several stores that are already decorated for Christmas. I remember when the Christmas Season really didn't begin until after we had celebrated Thanksgiving. How did we ever get it all done in just a few weeks???!!

How did we get all the cooking and baking and cleaning and shopping and visiting, done in such a short time??!! Well, for one thing, we weren't glued to a TV or computer, and evenings were spent baking cookies, getting things ready for company, etc. Since department stores were open only two evenings a week, and not a single store was open on Sundays, we did some time management applications, and adjusted schedules to get it done on the available days. And you know what? It all got done.

I loved those Christmases . . . yes, it was hectic, but the delight and anticipation of seeing your children open their gifts, being with your family and friends and enjoying the Holiday with them all, was worth every minute spent.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My first Etsy Treasury !! . . . .

Hi everyone . . . I'm finally back after a long absence. It has been a busy few months, and will continue to be busy for another month. I hope I can keep up with the blog.

I just had a most exciting moment! My newest listing on the Baggaroos Etsy site, has been included in a Treasury. This is an auspicious occasion for me. It's my first Treasury ever, and I'm very proud. Hope you'll go take a look.

The Etsy Treasury is a showcase of handmade items, chosen at random by a fellow Etsian. It's recognition of your work by your peers and certainly nice exposure to be featured. Can't help but pop my buttons!!!