Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Dream Machine . . . .

Since I posed the question in my first blog, I thought I'd better let you all know about my dream machine~ My Pfaff 2170, which I purchased last January. I'm really thrilled with it. I've been a Pfaff user since the early 1970's (o.k. so I've been around for a long time). In 1986 I purchased the Pfaff 1471 which was Pfaff's first real "computerized" machine. I've used this machine consistently, until I purchased the new Pfaff last year. The 1471 was (and still is) an amazing machine, and a real work horse. Seekers on Ebay snatch them up like crazy. I'll probably never part with it, and will keep it as a backup.

The 2170 has all of the bells and whistles that anyone could ask for, including machine embroidery which I love. The stitch quality is excellent, and of course the wonderful IDT foot helps with any task. Pfaff was the originator of the IDT technology, and the reason I purchased the Pfaff way back in the 70's. One capability I wish the 2170 had, is to be able to upload my machine embroidery designs directly to the Pfaff with a memory stick. This feature is now available on the new Creative Vision, which costs several thousand dollars more than my budget would allow. I guess it will have to be a feature I learn to live without.

I love this machine, and it's a joy to use. It has many wonderful features, far too many to list here. If I piqued your interest, you can go to the Pfaff website and read about this machine, and many other models they manufacture.

Even though my 2170 is a great machine I'll admit sometimes, when I look at those higher priced machines, I'm still shamelessly guilty of sewing machine envy.

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