Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day . . . and still a little more rain!

I'm sorry I've not been posting this week, but I've been battling some major house flooding.

Yes, it happened again this year, almost to the day, when the flood waters in the back yard entered my little abode and wreaked tremendous havoc!

I live in the lower level of my Daughter's house in the suburb of Brookfield, WI. The property is perched on a hill, but there happens to be another hill behind us. Last June, around this time, we had a torrential rainstorm that dumped about 6" of rain in just about an hour. Well, the water came flowing down the hill into the back yard, settled in the lower part of the tiered yard, filled up the window wells, burst the windows, and literally poured into my little apartment.

With the quick thinking of my Daughter and some neighbors, we were able to salvage most of my things. It was declared it a Federal Disaster area, so you can imagine how it looked.

Fast forward to this past Thursday night, and the same thing happened! Another torrential downpour, flooding everywhere, even in Downtown Milwaukee, and of course it poured down the hill into my little apartment AGAIN! Excuse me for screaming. Thursday night we had more heavy rain and storms, and more water.

Needless to say, we've been cleaning up ever since. The carpeting is soaked to the max, and all of my belongings are in the garage, awaiting their return, which will be determined only by how quickly the carpet dries.

I'm already missing the whirring sound of my sewing machine, and looking for something to occupy my time until I can get my foot on the pedal again. I'm going through sewing withdrawl and hopefully, I can find a support group to carry me through these tough times.

Wish I could post something more interesting, but that's it for now. The clean up process has begun, and now it's just wait, wait, and wait some more. Maybe I'll get out the old knitting needles. . . I hear knitting is making a big comeback!


  1. I just dropped by at random and read your post.
    I'm so sorry you've had to go through this again.
    It used to happen to a friend I have who lives in Wales (UK) I think it happened to her family several times and I know how depressing it can be.
    I hope you get sorted soon.

  2. Thank you for your good wishes. Yes, we will get back to normal. I'll probably be more organized than ever!