Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's your favorite Sewing Gadget??

I love gadgets!! I'm always looking at those new little things that may help speed up my efficiency and neatness. These are a few recent items I've added to my arsenal.
Reading from left to right: A new seam ripper . . . the seam ripper and the awl are from Fons and Porter. This seam ripper has a larger head on it, not like those little ones you get with your sewing machine, so ripping very lightweight fabric is a little touchy. Much too big. However, it's great for heavier weight fabrics and quilting cottons. What I really like about it is that the end is like a giant eraser, and picking out the leftover stitches from the seam is quick and easy.

The awl . . . In all the years I've been sewing, I've never had an awl, and boy was I missing out. This little tool is so handy for protecting your fingers when you're getting close to your machine needle. Just use the awl to manipulate the fabric before it runs under the needle. It will help you keep the seams flat, both on top and under the needle, hold your fabric when you're in a tight spot, and for whatever else you might need an extra finger for. It's great for poking holes for eyelets, or to start your grommett hole. You'll find other uses for it too.

The scissors . . . I love these little snips! With these old eyes, I often think I'm snipping threads close enough, but when I photograph my items in a closeup, I can see sometimes, that I've missed the boat. These little snips are made by Havels. They're lightweight, have a spring action and the blades are very sharp. The wonderful curve to the blades lets you get really close to the surface of your fabric for perfect thread snipping. These are great if you do a lot of embroidery too. There's always a lot of jump stitches to cut, and very close snipping is a must for a beautiful finish. I've tried other types of curved scissors, but these are the best.

Lastly . . . The tweezers. No, you can't do your eyebrows with these, but they are absolutely wonderful for picking out those tiny little stitches you can't get out any other way except with a tweezers. The very pointy little ends let you grab the tiniest of leftovers. I really love this gadget. Don't know the brand name on these, but be sure to look for them at your sewing center or your fabric or craft shop. Embroiderers, you will love these too! They're perfect for picking out the bird's nests and redos that sometimes happen. Also great for picking out those little bits of stabilizer.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and let us know what your favorite sewing tool is. Have a happy Wednesday!

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