Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Saga of the Blue Fleece Pullover. . . or my thrift shop makeover

I love browseing through thrift shops, and I try to schedule at least one day a week for a visit. At one of my visits, I happened across this great Eddie Bauer (pricey when it was new) Blue Sherpa fleece pullover. The price? $4.99. It was perfect! It was warm (Wisconsin winters can be brutal), a little fuzzy but not too fuzzy (sherpa is non pilling), wonderfully made (good quality), and very comfy. It appealed to me instantly and I brought it home. That was three years ago. I have worn it once.

Now, did it not meet my expectations? Yes it did, however, for me it has its drawbacks. I don't enjoy pulling it over my head, and it has no pockets! I can't live without pockets! So alas, it has been hanging in the closet for 3 years, crying for attention.

This weeked, even though the temperatures are nearing 70 degrees (finally), I decided to revamp this pullover so it would be ready for next fall and winter. I have some ideas, which have been inspired by a few of my favorite blogs, and maybe I can execute them. This project will have to be squeezed in between my Etsy shop and some other custom orders, but hopefully the process won't be too slow. I'll need your encouragement, and if you have some ideas, be sure to post them!

Stay tuned for some of the gory details, whilest I manipulate and carve away at this pullover!

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